Sunday, January 21, 2007

What's Wrong With University?

The following images are illustrations for the forthcoming book, What's Wrong With University?, written by Jeff Rybak and due out from ECW Press this spring. (I'll post some more later ... don't want to hog the homepage.)

Illustrating how university shoves students with different needs and goals into the same system.

The bureaucracy of university.

Professor hiding from an eager student.

The Scarlet Letter of a bad grade.

This is what idealistic students imagine happens after graduation, I suppose.

The eternal struggle.


Zen said...

Just as I shake off school you go and resurface all of these particular memories... thanks man. MORE!

-loo-bot- said...

I really like this series. I'm also impressed by the preliminary pencil drawings you showed us before.

tyrone said...

These are great ...
I'm excited to see some more ...