Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm still alive ...

A post to demonstrate that (a) I'm alive, and (b) working on Quarter-Life Crisis as hard as I can. Also to congratulate Tyrone and Alana on the exciting news -- I'm sure we're all disappointed the name 'Logan' was not more carefully considered, but I was so delighted to read the news on Facebook this morning.

So, some images from new sections of Quarter-Life Crisis. A couple pages from a flashback scene, both in original thumbnail (and crudely scripted form) and in penciled form. Then thumbnail sketches and final pencils of a scene of our protagonists staking out a Shoppers Drug Mart in the pouring rain.(I've actually been working a lot on getting a new website up and ready before TCAF.)

Unfortunately, as I get close to finishing pencils on the entire first book, I realize I need to add a couple scenes. Namely, one between Harper and Sonja ... one that involves the robot 1895s. (Otherwise, they only make one appearance in the first book.)

I also want to add a scene hinting at the sinister projects going on at the Rogers Centre, but haven't thought of a good way to do that and maintain the book's perspective. The book is entirely from Harper's perspective. There's not a scene in it that doesn't include him, and he narrates the entire thing. I don't really want to show a scene with the Rogers that he would have no access to ... It's a bit of a stumbling block for me at this point.

These last-minute additions also make me wonder what sort of extras (if any) I should include in the final printed book. Any requests? Sketches? Maps? Pin-ups? A mix-tape listing (a la AWOL'd or Scud before it)? I'm taking suggestions now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Know your enemy: Comic Sans

A very insightful article about the font we love to hate: Comic Sans

I found this article from a friend's Facebook page. Did you know that Comic Sans was inspired from the graphic novels Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen? Funny that I don't see the resemblance. But I do cringe knowing it's the one thing in common between porn ads and child daycare brochures *shudder*.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Leeves, GIJoe, and SK bookmarks! Oh my!

I can finally check a few things off my list! A while ago I had the pleasure of drawing a GIJoe comic for the upcoming Canadian GIJoe Convention. It will be included in their convention exclusive toy box set, but you can view the 7-page comic in this month's Joecanuck newsletter here! It was awesome drawing some of the stuff I grew up with like the Armadillo tank (one of the first GIJoe vehicles I owned) and other vehicles you can find in the scrapyard page. As a GIJoe fan since I was three and a half, I hope to do more work like this in the future.

TCAF is only three weeks away and I won't have AWOL'd volume 2 ready by then (still need to work on 32 more pages). But for any followers waiting, I've prepared a 20-page supplementary comic of Leeves' origins. For those that really know me, the story was inspired by my experience with a certain individual. 'Nuff said! Hahaha...

Also, I've prepared some freebies for those visiting the Sketchkrieg tables at the TCAF, Fan Expo, and Word on the Street this year. Sketchkrieg bookmarks!

Now I need to get back to work on AWOL'd volume 2! It's the last thing I need to do before I can fully enjoy the summer.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frank Miller is the worst, Part One

I'm taking a bit of time off from posting my own work to critique some comics I've been reading. I borrowed a friend's copy of All-Star Batman and Robin, and it is shamefully bad. It's almost an art form, how bad it is. Yet I continue reading to see how much worse it can get. It's a train wreck my eyes can't avoid. And the worst part about it is that it sold millions! Way more copies of a comic book than all of us combined will ever sell.

It also further demonstrates my ongoing theory that Frank Miller is one of the worst comic book writers of all time. (At least, within those that are highly regarded.)

I'm not sure what offends me most about the book. Is it the complete wrong characterization of Batman and Robin? (Why bother using the characters if they act nothing like them? Batman laughing maniacally? Beating kids? Mocking Superman?) Wrong characterization of everyone? The pervasive and casual misogyny? (Vicki Vale is just so excited to be on a date with Bruce Wayne! Wonder Woman, since she's a strong woman, obviously has to hate men.)

Not even.

It's the little things:

Horrible attempts to be hip

Did Robin actually say something 'blows chunks'? Um ... thanks, Wayne. I also like how the twelve-year-old's point of reference for 'tough guy voice' is Clint Eastwood.

That Batman does no detective work

He's the world's greatest detective! Do some snooping, take some fingerprints, use the computer, for God's sake. But no ... just relentless beatings.

The immense waste of time

Did I just read an entire issue detailing how Black Canary finally got fed up with the sexual harassment at her job and fought back? An entire issue? Any writer-illustrator team worth their salt could have told that tale in two pages, max. And I think it was the fifth issue and Batman and Robin were still flying around in that stupid car. Is there a story here?

There's just too much to criticize. Did anyone like this?

Monday, April 06, 2009


It's been a looooong while since I've posted, so here I am trying to get the ball rolling again. (with old art, no less!)
As some of you may know, I do a sporadically updated KISSING CHAOS webcomic as part of the Transmission-X crew. They are printing up a newspaper like comic thing for this year's TCAF, and here's what's going to be on my page.

This was originally two episodes from my webcomic... now it's one print page. It was hard to pick two pages (the max we could fit on the broadsheet page we are using for the TX comic), and I thought these two episodes were contained enough to tell a somewhat of a story, and leave the reader wanting more!


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Great font making tool

Font Generator -

This is an amazingly simple way to make fonts from your own handwriting. Perfect for the comic artist. All you do is print, fill out the template, scan it in and their online program does the rest. I had a font of my handwriting in less than 10 minutes.

It says they'll be charging a small fee soon, so play with it while it lasts!

- Alana