Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What's Wrong With University?, Part Trois

The final series of the university book illustrations. I promise. (There are actually about 40 in total.)

To answer Tyrone's question, the publisher and author gave me a lot of freedom. The publisher hired me, and when I asked him what the next step was, he was like, "Uh, what would you normally do next?" So I pretty much just read the book, selected things I thought would make for good illustrations and sketched them. (Then krieged them!)

Anyway, I did about 60 sketches. They were originally going to use 20, but bumped it up to 40 because they liked them (which was really nice). They had some changes and suggestions, but they were pretty minor.

This is the one the author is really worried about. It's illustrating an obscure point about how kids as young as 16 can sign student loans (which they can't get out of, even if they declare bankruptcy), but they can't drink, smoke, vote, etc. So I drew all the things they can't do in one image.

This one's about Anarchist University in Toronto. (You don't have to pay for classes!)

The ugly side of student politics.


tyrone said...

I love the illustration of the girl just being naughty ...
These are great by the way ...
I laughed when you said:

"...krieged them!"

I'm gonna use that ... called it!


Zen said...

Hahahahahahahahahah! Oh my god! These are by far my favorite.

ADC said...

"Krieged them!"
yes! I do believe you've coined a term we'll all be using from now on!

AlanaMcCarthy said...
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AlanaMcCarthy said...

Love her new-student pot belly. Gotta love the toll all that KD takes on a body!

aislinn said...

I think part of their discomfort comes from the fact that that guy is having way too much fun for their comfort. Plus he has freckles. Nice touch:)