Monday, January 22, 2007

What's Wrong With University?, Part Deux

More images from What's Wrong With University? by Jeff Rybak. (Since we're on a university theme, it would seem.)

This one's about professors using test scores to weed out the good students from the poor ones.

Anyone else have a Psych 101 class with 600 other people?

University is a ticking time bomb of different pushes and pulls ... or something.

Best multiple choice test. Ever.

One of my favourites. The author talks about the intergenerational conflict of provincial money, which largely goes to either health care or education (with the older folks needing the one more imminently, and the younger folks needing the other). Says the author, 'You're going to get me in so much trouble!' (For this one and another picture to come.)


AlanaMcCarthy said...

I wanna see those old people kick those students asses!
This is great work Evan, especially that lecture hall scene.. wow, the detail is incredible.

Zen said...

I had that psych 101 class! It is still very possible to stand out in a place like that, you just have to dress the part.

This stuff is hillarious and appropriately illustrated. I want a copy of this book now! When and where can I get it again?

Evan said...

Thanks Alana and Zen! The book doesn't come out until May this year. You can read a bit about it at

tyrone said...

These are great Evan ...
So does the author have full control of what you have to draw or is this all your ideas ...
Or both?