Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Road to Fan Expo...part 3

I'm currently pencilling this new webcomic project with Arthur called Three Second Rule. It's a buddy-action-comedy about an assassin who gets attached (emotionally?) to his mark. Maybe Arthur (the writer of the project) could fill you in a bit more about the deets. Here are some character concepts I did.

This is Axel, the cool assassin guy who gets shy when it comes to picking up girls. The fourth drawing is the one that will be used in the webcomic.

Shane is Axel's womanizing bud. From reading Arthur's script, I thought of Michael Madsen or the Super Size-Me guy for the look of Shane. Then after some discussion with Arthur, he wanted someone a bit younger in his late-twenties so I thought about a douchebag-you'd-find-at-clubs kind of guy.

Here is a waitress in the story that Axel is fond of, and another assassin in the story.

Time for me to get back to work on the webcomic. Next update I'll show you some thumbnail pages.

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