Friday, August 07, 2009

Road to Fan Expo ... Part 2

Like Loo-bot, I've also been chained to my drawing table and computer, finishing up the first book of Quarter-Life Crisis, trying to meet my printing deadline. Since I'm getting it printed where I work, Coach House Books, my deadline is a little later. It's going to be tight, but I think I'm going to make it (knock on wood).

But I'm really excited to have something new and something I'm proud of at the convention this time around. I'm happy with how the book is coming together.

Here's the cover spread for Quarter-Life Crisis. Thoughts? Like or dislike?


Brian Hoang said...

sweet! the layout's a bit conservative for my taste but that's just personal preference. it still works well. and i'm one to talk anyways. my layouts aren't exactly wild and crazy either.

i LOVE the picture of the CN tower with it's top blown off. i almost wish that you used that as the cover. it would make a really intriguing image to draw in readers. but i also really think your front cover figures are excellently done as well. can't wait to read the book finally!

Jason Loo said...

I love the background image of the ruins around Rogers Centre. The book jacket clearly shows you got a great sense of design.
I take it that this is only volume one of many volumes?