Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This is the cover for my upcoming Medicine artwork book. The conception of this book came about when i realized i didn't have enough time to finish Medicine book 3 by summer of this year. But i still wanted to have something new that was connected to the series to show. At first, i thought of doing a short preview book showcasing some of the first chapter from book 3 but i decided i didn't want any of if to be shown in hard copy until the actual book comes out. Then i thought of doing a small black and white sketch book but decided that i wanted to do something different. So I wanted to show off, in FULL-COLOUR, the talents of my fellow sheridan grads and their interpretations of my characters. As well, i could now have, in print, full-colour images of all the illustrations i did myself of these characters, some of which have never been seen before. On top of all that, I've always wanted to do a flashback story of how some of the characters met each other but never found the right time to do it within the flow of the series, so this artwork book gave me an opportunity to do just that. It will be coming out in early May just in time for TCAF. It will be 50 full-colour pages for 12 Canuck bucks. I really tried to keep the price tag at 10 dollars but colour printing was way more expensive than i had thought. Hope to see everyone at TCAF.

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Evan said...

Dude, things I love about the cover:

1) The crazy use of negative space and that design. Reminds me of that John Byrne Alpha Flight with Aurora in that maze of white bars.

2) The rendering on her boots.

3) That you completely eliminated her jawline.

It looks great. I'm looking forward to this interim book. How much of it is story and how much is pinups?