Friday, March 27, 2009


As ever, I persist in my efforts to finish this gargantuan task of making a 120-odd page book of Quarter Life Crisis. (A first volume of an envisioned several.) I think this is the most ambitious project I've attempted to date. And so far, I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out. While overwhelmed, I am encouraged by positive feedback from Stripmalling and the continued interest from friends and other comic bookers (who all want to know when this stupid book is going to be done!) I've posted some newer pencils below.

I'm finding myself struggling with a few things:

1) When I began the book, I was consciously trying to work more simply (and with less detail) than usual. This was both in order to save myself some time and to try to emulate illustration work I'm more drawn to. (I really love simple clean lines with few details, but in my own work, I get caught up in all the little unnecessary lines.)

2) I'm having difficulty making the call between composing things based on look or based on realism. Since it's all set in real Toronto locations, I don't know whether to alter the real look of an intersection or building for the purposes of storytelling or not. I just realized I placed an elevator in an impossible spot in the OCAD building, but I'm keeping it there, because it looks nicer.

3) My drawings are getting bigger! I make thumbnails and sketches at a certain size, but by the final product, all the figures end up much larger. I can't figure out what I'm doing. Anyone else have this problem?

Anyway, I'm toiling away at this at almost every free moment I have. And also listening to this new Metric song obsessively, as I feel it fits the atmosphere of the Quarter Life Crisis book so well.


Jason Loo said...

Hey Evan,
Your Metric song choice for inspiration is really suitable for your book. I could see myself rocking out to that song while drawing Quarter Life Crisis.
As for your struggles in the book: 1) I'll say it again, you have awesome penciling skills. Observe how your fav artists' works resolves issues with lighting and drapery. It may take a lot of trials and errors, as I went through and it's only recently after inking close to 200 pages I feel confident about where inks should go.
2) I love that you put real landmarks in Toronto. I think as long as you keep the essence there, people from outside of Toronto won't know the difference. I'm sure Bryan Lee O'Malley took some liberties while doing Scott Pilgrim.
3) You're compositions are fine! It's all in your head. If they grew compared to your thumbnails, it's probably for the better. Unless you worry about not having enough space for your word balloons...

Tyrone said...

Hey Evan ... I seem to have that problem as well (the bigger issue thing) ... I sketch out the figure and next thing i know they're big ... sometimes it works .. but some times I just shrink them in photoshop (like it didn't even happen) ...