Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking

Hey blogoverse! Long time no type!

I've been busy over here, making my biggest work of art - a baby in my belly! I'm due around May 1st and know the little one will provide a lot of inspiration for my work. Tyrone and I are super excited.

Not only that, I've also been working on getting my Scrapbook design store going. Digital Scrapbooking has a huge following. It's basically like the traditional cut and paste physical scrapping.. but everything is done digitally in photoshop. I make the elements and papers and people purchase my kits to capture their memories. It's fun, and allows me complete creative freedom.

Here are some examples of my kits. To see more visit my store at

1 comment:

Jason Loo said...

Your scrapbook kits are look fantastic. I love how they're laid out.
And I'm sure Logan McCarthy will be a masterpiece, too!