Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gotta get the work done, son.

This must be the first blog that won't showcase someone's latest work nor demand critique/praise, but is instead just a standard blog about what's going on. Not that there's been drama in our group (ie. Brian wanting to lay the smackdown on Zen if Zen ever mentions the word "Adam Corolla"), but we've got lives between comic conventions.

Since the start of 2009, I've been working like a thoroughbred on the second volume of AWOL'd, pencilling and inking TWO full chapters. I'm surprised and amazed I was able to pull that off and still balance my full-time job. Unfortunately, the book won't be ready for TCAF in May but a backstory comic to Leeves will be out then.

This whole week, I've been excited to work on a full-colour GIJoe mini-comic for the upcoming Canadian GIJoe Convention. If you want any clues on what the comic is about, I suggest you check out their forum. It's gonna be my best comic to date since I've been honing my drawing skills in the past few months. Straight up, if I was asked to draw this out two years ago, it would have been crap.

So basically, I've been busy working on new stuff to put out on our Sketchkrieg! tables. The same goes with the others. Brian should have a full-colour art book based on the Medicine series ready for TCAF and as well as Evan's new post-apocalyptic 120-page graphic novel Quarter-Life Crisis. I'm sure they're gonna share their progress of their books on the blog (looking at you two).

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