Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Robot and kitten

Not even big angry robots can resist the cuddly love of a cute widdle kitty!

This mini-painting was created for my March 31st facebook group giveaway. There's still time to get your name in the draw - visit Alana McCarthy Illustration Group for more details.

I love doing these paintings. They give me an excuse to create some work for myself. They also help to expose and promote my work to a brand new audience.. and sell some prints in the meantime. Speaking of prints, if you loved some of the past paintings, but weren't the lucky winner I will be making them available as prints and selling them at the conventions this summer.

2008 See me at the...

June 7 - 8 MoCCA Art Festival 2008 - Puck building, lower Manhattan, NYC

July 12 - 13 Paradise Comic Convention - Holiday Inn on King, Toronto

Aug 22 - 24 FanExpo - Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto

Sept 28 Word on the Street - Queen's Park, Toronto

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ADC said...

Nice classic robot design!