Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The adventure continues for the Canuckleheads!

Last summer I got to work on the exclusive comic for the Canadian GI Joe Convention. You can find copies sold here at a special holiday price, or at the Silver Snail in Toronto. It's a pretty fun project considering the fact that I've been a fan of the GI Joe brand since I was three and a half years old. I'm still busy working on comic shorts to the Canadian GI Joe series for the Joe Canuck newsletter. The new editions will later be collected into another comic exclusive for the 2011 CanJoeCon.

Here's the further adventures of the Canuckleheads featured at the end of every Joe Canuck newsletter:

Slaughter makes a cameo in...Exclusive Training

Spot all the other cameos in ...Uninvited Guests

Zombies!!!...The Osiris Egg - Part I
The Osiris Egg - Part II

For those wondering what's happening with AWOL'd, stay tuned for updates....


Evan said...

I really like seeing all the Cobra team members in their formal wear.

Zen said...

Livin' the DREAMZ!