Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm still alive ...

A post to demonstrate that (a) I'm alive, and (b) working on Quarter-Life Crisis as hard as I can. Also to congratulate Tyrone and Alana on the exciting news -- I'm sure we're all disappointed the name 'Logan' was not more carefully considered, but I was so delighted to read the news on Facebook this morning.

So, some images from new sections of Quarter-Life Crisis. A couple pages from a flashback scene, both in original thumbnail (and crudely scripted form) and in penciled form. Then thumbnail sketches and final pencils of a scene of our protagonists staking out a Shoppers Drug Mart in the pouring rain.(I've actually been working a lot on getting a new website up and ready before TCAF.)

Unfortunately, as I get close to finishing pencils on the entire first book, I realize I need to add a couple scenes. Namely, one between Harper and Sonja ... one that involves the robot 1895s. (Otherwise, they only make one appearance in the first book.)

I also want to add a scene hinting at the sinister projects going on at the Rogers Centre, but haven't thought of a good way to do that and maintain the book's perspective. The book is entirely from Harper's perspective. There's not a scene in it that doesn't include him, and he narrates the entire thing. I don't really want to show a scene with the Rogers that he would have no access to ... It's a bit of a stumbling block for me at this point.

These last-minute additions also make me wonder what sort of extras (if any) I should include in the final printed book. Any requests? Sketches? Maps? Pin-ups? A mix-tape listing (a la AWOL'd or Scud before it)? I'm taking suggestions now.


Zen said...

Seeing the process is a gift to us. Very inspiring!

Here is a solution to your ROGERS building problem. Show the scene's stage but invent and go all "South Park" on it. Make the inside of the ROGERS building look like hell or an evil villain's fortress. You know, something we already sort of imagined anyways. hahaha.

Jason Loo said...

Evan, you should definitely construct a map of post-apocalypse Toronto in your bonus pages. Make it a two-page spread! Oh, and a before-and-after character sketch gallery.

I'm loving the process work! But don't attack it hastily, or you'll regret and end up doing it what I did with AWOL'd.