Sunday, June 22, 2008

On A Plane

Here's another illo that happens on a plane. The article is about how the writer dislikes making small talk with people on planes. So she decides to tell lies. It's pretty funny.

In the article it mentions that the writer gets air sickness and the passenger beside her just keeps on yapping. The image of her looking ill didn't go over well with editor. They wanted me to concentrate more on the lying aspect.

So there ya go! I made it looks like she was bragging about herself, in a sense she is. In a lying sort of way.



Evan said...

The expressions in this are particularly great. The only critique I have is that it's not overly clear they're in a plane. Could be a bus or something. But that's just a minor complaint.

-loo-bot- said...

I don't know, Evan. Those seats totally read airplane seats to me, that was my first impression.
But Ty, you should be more confident in your pencil linework with fewer and defined lines.