Monday, June 18, 2007

Captain America - Con Sketch!

Zen's Cap'n

Ty's Cap'n

Hey! Check out these
Captain America sketches that Zen & I did during the Paradise Comics: Toronto Comicon. They were handing out these Captain America comics with blank covers during the show. Apparently the comics were for some sort of auction. Zen and I gave it try and we're pretty happy with our results.


J.S. Kociuba said...

They say that Cap is dead...
Well he's alive all right...
In the hearts of Zen, Tyrone and maybe Jonathan Frakes (bring back the helmet).

Did you guys get it auctioned? Tyrone I think you could of used more sharpie.

Do you guys have any more blank Cap covers left?

Zen said...

They only gave us one comic each, and they collected them take away from us for no compensation. I think its for charity or fundraising or something. I did not see them get auctioned.