Monday, January 11, 2010


It's been a while since I've tried my hand at anything overtly political, but with the recent proroguing of Parliament (the second time in as many years), I really felt the need to make an illustration encapsulating (most) Canadians' disappointment with the guy at the top. Something really simple and easy ... that would make a good T-shirt or whatever.

Obviously, this explicitly references Shepard Fairey's iconic Obama illustration. And after I whipped it up this weekend, I realized someone had beaten me to the punch: Darrin White made this 'Nope' poster over a year ago.

While I think White's illustration is great (and probably a better representation of the Prime Minister than my drawing), I think my one's a bit harsher (and more T-shirt-worthy). And I like that I stuck to the colours of the Canadian flag.


max said...

nice one Evan.

btw, yours is an illustration, not a photoshoped photo. bonus.

Tyrone said...

Evan ... in yours he looks more evil ... the look you're going for?