Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lil' Brother

Recently, This Magazine asked me to illustrate an article about the new Cory Doctorow book, Little Brother. The writer compared it (unfavourably) to Ferris Bueller's Day Off meets 1984. So I came up with some sketches.

The dude in this second one is supposed to be Michael Chertoff, Director of Homeland Security.

And this final sketch refers to the 'freedom' fought for by the young scamps in the book as more of a 'freedom-to-stay-up-and-party', rather than, say, the right to vote or protection from cruel and unusual punishment.

They liked the awesome dude with sunglasses the best, and he became the final colour illustration:


Zen said...

Are those the final colours for your image?

Good job on the concepts. My personal favorite is the second one down, but I really believe your final works well.

I also believe Bueller's parade scene would have also tied into 1984 just as well.

Tyrone said...

I dig the illustration that they picked ... but I'm with Zen here... is that the final colours?

Evan said...

No, something's gone wrong, and I can't figure out why it's appearing so strangely. I'll try to fix it, if possible.

Jason Loo said...

Evan broke'd da colours.

Tyrone said...

Is the file in CMYK?