Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Observational drawing - Deadwood style!

I miss observational drawing. I haven't done any for so long. So I took a bit of a break from my assignments and picked up my pencils.

Tyrone and I just finished watching the first season of Deadwood. I love the costumes, characters and palettes. I've never been one to get into westerns, or period pieces, period. But I'm really digging this show.

I did a bit of re-watching and decided to draw Seth Bullock, played by Timothy Olyphant. Not only is he VERY easy on the eyes, but Seth also hails from my 'hood - Etobicoke, Ontario! (I wonder what Etobicoke was like back in the 1870's)

In the background is Alma Garrett the widow and the orphan Sophia. She's a bit of a homewrecker but I was totally rooting for them to hook up. Can't wait to see what the next season has in store.. especially when Seth's wife arrives to the camp.


-loo-bot- said...

When I saw the image, I was like..."Who submitted this? I've never seen this style used by anyone of us here...." But when I saw it was you, Alana, I said, "Yeah, she's the most observant in the gang." You're cross-hatching really helped in modeling Timothy's face. And the linework on the widow's shirt looks carefully handled.
Do you see yourself digitally painting this pencil drawing? I think it shows promise to be a digital masterpiece.

AlanaMcCarthy said...

Hey thanks. Yeah it's really different for me. I originally was just going to upload the sketch, but I think throwing a bit of digicolour helps add a little more interest. Not sure if I would finish painting it, I kinda like it with the flats and the pencil building tone. That, and I kinda suck at digital painting - it always looks digital.

ADC said...

looks cool. I'd love to see it as just pencils.