Monday, January 21, 2008

January's draw painting

I decided on a muted, limited palette for this month's painting giveaway. I've been watching the WWII series "Band of Brothers" which has a very grayed out tone during battle scenes. It's also been so bleak and sunless so far this winter I thought I would draw some inspiration from my surroundings.


ADC said...

nice! seemingly simple, yet emotive!

-loo-bot- said...

Nice pastel colours. I like the sharp outlines in the painting.
I'm curious to see how the mountains would look with a little dimesion, and not just a dark horizon.

Zen said...

I agree. There is no sun anymore. We can all relate. What's up with that?

Evan said...

I saw this painting and thought: 'Clearly inspired by Band of Brothers'.

But seriously, the muted colours are great. I really like the tone of it.