Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Portraits

Here are two portraits I was working on in a last minute Christmas rush. The first one is of my 3 year old nephew Owen. He loves my "Robot and Bird" image and is big into Thomas the Tank Engine. I decided to put him in a fantasy world where the robots make the trains and play by his side. Owen's reaction to the portrait was the best. He was so confused. He would stare at it, then walk away, then walk back to stare some more. Too much to take in at once I guess. Then he pointed out that Toby (boxcar in the middle) isn't real because I forgot to paint the number 7 on his side. Oops! Guess when playing with trains is your entire life these little details matter. I promised to bring my paints along the next time I visit and fix it for him.

The other portrait is of Rosie, my brother's girlfriend's dog. She commissioned me to paint it as a gift for my brother since he's totally in love with the friendly lab mix. I tried to amp up the colour in the piece to make it more interesting and allude to her lively, happy personality.


Evan said...

I love the portrait of Owen! That's great work. (I can't believe you have to change it. That's so funny.)

ADC said...

nice work! love the highlights on the face of the dog!

-loo-bot- said...

Both paintings look like masterpieces!
Great composition on Owen's portrait. There's some nice eye movement with the train tracks.
I love the highlights used in the dog portrait, too!

Zen said...

My god. I know that dog!

He's lucky to get such a portrait. Where were your mad skills when I was 3?