Friday, September 28, 2007

The Boy and The Crow - Ty's Version

Hey! This is my version, or should I say versions of The Boy and The Crow!

I did this one first. I wanted to do a dark sort of piece. Once I was finished, I felt like doing another one.

This time I wanted to do something completely opposite of the other one, something fun. So I came up with this.
At Willow and Ray's reception I had people complimenting on the second piece more so than the first. What do you think?



Evan said...

Yeah, the second one is hilarious!

(Sorry. I've been AWOL from the blog -- and illustration -- for a while.)

ADC said...

I like both. I think they sort of compliment each other. I didn't even know about the theme. Luckily I did a quick brush painting of a bird on a card for them! totally a fluke.

Zen said...

I agree with Evan on the second one. Its funny therefore = greater.

Kerry Ann said...

I have to say that I like both! I love the brightness of the colours of the second piece, but I just love the image in the first one! They are amazing Tyrone. Love it!