Wednesday, March 28, 2007

YeeHAW! Redneck Games!


-loo-bot- said...

Love the drawing, but it kicks major ass in colour! I love the flying redneck! It's like he's dropping a body slam on that skinny dude. Great layout!

Zen said...

You never cease to amaze!
Your colors and rendering bring it all together nicely, and your attention to detail is stupendous. Is any of it computerized at all?

AlanaMcCarthy said...

Thanks guys!
The only digitized part is the text. I can't stand hand rendering type.. and it always looks so much more professional when it's digitally placed.
I've been trying to up my level of detail to attract more design and ad clients. It's funny, I always seem to put the most time and effort into unpaid promos. Guess they're not completely unpaid if it leads to a couple great jobs though.

Evan said...

Alana, that's one sweet promotional picture! Very nice work. I love the mud on the belly-flopper's overalls, and the shadow below him.

Mac said...

As the Founder of the Summer Redneck Games I was totally surprised and impressed with your artwork! What a great thing to stumble onto while spending a few moments surfing around.

It also gave me the opportunity to view your other work which is incredible!

Mac Davis
Summer Redneck Games

ADC said...