Monday, April 06, 2009


It's been a looooong while since I've posted, so here I am trying to get the ball rolling again. (with old art, no less!)
As some of you may know, I do a sporadically updated KISSING CHAOS webcomic as part of the Transmission-X crew. They are printing up a newspaper like comic thing for this year's TCAF, and here's what's going to be on my page.

This was originally two episodes from my webcomic... now it's one print page. It was hard to pick two pages (the max we could fit on the broadsheet page we are using for the TX comic), and I thought these two episodes were contained enough to tell a somewhat of a story, and leave the reader wanting more!



J.S. Kociuba said...

I think it’s about time that KC gets printed on newsprint again. With this new incarnation of TX: KC I wish I could see a graphic novel of it someday.

but then again it might defeat the purpose of a web comic.

Tyrone said...

Personally I would prefer a printed comic ... call me old school ... but I would like it if all TX works were contained in one book ... I believe there were talk about doing that ... am I wrong?