Wednesday, October 24, 2007

character drawins

These two dudes are from a comic project I'm working on with a friend. It's a long way from being complete, I'm talking like, at least a year if we're fast. I'm only doing characters and my friend will be doing all the backgrounds.




-loo-bot- said...

The figures are well-observed. But give us a hint on what they are sitting on. Though I'm sure it's comfy.

ADC said...

thanks brah!

they are on a big comfy couch. I drew the start of a pillow on the left side of the leftest guy.

tyrone said...

Yeah it does looks weird that they are just hovering ...
I know you mentioned that your friend is doing the backgrounds ... but is this a common thing you do with your own stuff?
Draw the figures then the couch?

ADC said...

they've got magic powers, so shut up!

for this paricular project, yeah I'm totally not doing any backgrounds. we are actually going to "trace" photos for the backgrounds. so we make thumbnails based on the script, and then get photos that match the thumbnails or my rough drawing. I did have a rough drawing of the couch so I could get the weight of the characters correct, but it really amounts to more than one or two lines... just so I know where it is... my buddy rob is going to do all the real drawing... ;)